About Us

About Us

Happiness is an Unlocked Phone

Most people do not know that they will ever need to unlock a phone. But for anyone who wants to switch carriers or travel abroad, phone unlocking becomes a necessity.

I fell into the "locked phone trap" when the iPhone 6 was just released. The normal price of the iPhone was $650, but when I went to our neighborhood Verizon store I was told that I just need to pay $199.99. I jumped on this offer instantly and got a phone from Verizon, which was locked.

Three months down the road, I realized that the 4 GB of data I was getting from Verizon to share with my family was not enough. No one was even streaming videos; all we did was use Google Maps and check our email. Each month we went over the data limit and paid $15 for each GB. One month later, I was shocked to receive a bill for $700, when I was expecting a bill of about $380 for my five lines. I immediately went to a T-mobile store and signed up for a promotion, which was 4 lines with 10GB of data each for a total of $140 per month.

This felt like a big relief to me. But when it came to using the locked phone I had, I was told it could not be used because it was locked to my current carrier, Verizon. I immediately gave Verizon a call and was told that I would need to pay about $2000 to unlock my phones. This was a total trap. I had a phone that could not be used with any another network or SIM card. At first I thought I would be able to unlock it by looking up information online and watching videos on how to unlock iPhones. After three solid days of work, I had still not found an unlocking solution that was free or trustworthy. When I finally found a good site a week later that could unlock my phone, they wanted to charge $129 for each phone unlocking code, which was still a painfully high price to pay.

This experience inspired me to create Unlock Gadget to help other people who have also been trapped by a locked phone. After a year of research and web development, I created a way to unlock phones for only $70, which is the lowest price on the market. I personally unlocked my own phone through my website, and I unlocked my family's phones as well!

I believe that phone companies shouldn't have the power to lock in customers and hit them time and again with unexpected fees. And I think everyone should be able to travel abroad with their trusty smart phone in hand. At Unlock Gadget, we guarantee that the code we give you will unlock your phone permanently. You'll never be trapped by a phone company again. It's good to be free!