Different Types of Phone Damage and Ways to Repair Phones

There are many reasons why a phone may be damaged and in need of repair. If your phone is not working properly, and you have not dropped or mishandled it, the issue may be software-related. If you suspect an internal problem with your phone, whether it’s an iPhone or Android device, you should back up your files and perform a full “factory data reset”, or “hard reset”. Android phones can backup information to Google, save data to your computer, send it through Bluetooth, or use text or e-mail to send the info. It is also a good idea to save your contacts to your SIM card, SD card, or Google account so they can be easily retrieved after your phone is repaired. If your phone has been physically damaged by a fall or contact with liquid, you should find a reliable phone repair service such as Unlock Gadget, or perform research to figure out how to fix the phone issues on your own.


For smartphones, one of the most common types of damage is a cracked screen. Although many screen protectors are available, there can still be accidents that shatter or deeply crack the phone’s screen. To replace the surface touchscreen or LCD screen underneath, you can try one of the numerous, affordable repair services available. Another option is to buy a phone repair kit and fix your phone’s screen based on a set of instructions. Sometimes the internal speaker is damaged, which is indicated by not being able to hear sounds on the earpiece speaker very well, or at all. The solution is to replace the earpiece hardware with a new internal speaker, which is very low cost compared to other phone components. If the external speaker is damaged, the phone may stop ringing or playing music. This is also simple to solve by purchasing and installing a new loud speaker. If the back plate or battery cover of your phone is damaged due to being dropped or otherwise, this may cause the battery to frequently fall out of your phone while in use. For battery cover replacements, it is helpful to search on Amazon or contact the manufacturer of the unit directly.


If the shell or case of your phone has many scratches and dents due to periodic wear and tear, you may wish to find replacement housing. New housing for various phones can also be found online and by contacting phone manufacturers, and repair services can take care of the entire process as well. Damage to phone accessories, such as batteries and chargers, can be repaired by searching online for replacement components or phone repair companies who can assist you with the procedure. Damage to phones that is caused by liquid can be particularly devastating. If your phone is powering off and on, won’t power on or charge, or has issues with overheating, this is a sign of damage caused by water or moisture. One way to confirm this is to look for your phone’s LDI or Liquid Damage Indicator sticker. This is a small rectangular or circular strip that changes color if the device is exposed to liquid. The sticker can be found near or inside the phone’s battery compartment, as well as on the battery itself. In the case of water damage, it is usually best to replace your phone. If you have insurance, it is also recommended to file a claim as soon as you notice the water damage. This can possibly offset the expenses of purchasing a replacement phone. Although phones - like any other device - can be subject to damage and wear over time, luckily there are reliable repair companies such as Unlock Gadget that can help get your phone back in excellent shape for an affordable price.


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shangman said at 26-06-2016 11:41 AM
Perfect advice on how to fix your phones. Do you know any trusted phone technician in the Philadelphia area?