Where to Sell Your iPhone, Macbook or Samsung Phone

It is not news that almost everyone knows about big online market places like ebay and amazon where you can buy or sell. If you just want to sell your iPhone today and you do not really worry for what price you sell it for, then these market places are easy to set up and sell. These market places start to become a problem if you want to buy and sell devices for a living. 

They are a problem because of the fees: Based on Category I have paid up to 20% of my total sale on amazon after my sale. As you can see, they do not care, this is their way of saying you can leave  us because we already have a some one who can consistantly sell that product on our market place. Almost everyone who sales a product online knows these market places, and because sometimes people have forgotten what they paid for a product or no longer need it. They do not care if the Market place keeps 40% of the sale. 

They claim to be most trusted places where you can buy or sell, but however when you creat an accont to sell, in the case of amazon, you get emails from people asking you to write to them on their emails and on ebay, as soon as an item is listed you are faced with this problem of people writting to request that you write to them outside of the market place.

The best transactions or the best way to sell your phone or computer is to do a person to person transaction, walk to a store where you can have your item evaluated and get paid. We have provided a solution where you can fill out a form and one of our associats will meet with you at the closest coffee shop to take your gadget. This way ou get your money right away and you are sure that no one will be sending emails latter trying to sell more stuff or asking you to write reviews. You do not have to respond to thousands of inquiries to find the right client, it is simple, you fill the form and we come to you. The best part of it, you do not have to accept our offer for you item.


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