Should You Choose an Unlocked Phone or a Locked Phone?

If you are in the market for a new mobile phone, you may be wondering why some phones are locked and some are unlocked. There are a number of differences between locked and unlocked phones, and the following explanation may help you decide which type of phone is right for you. Locked phones are usually sold by a cellular plan provider such as Sprint or AT&T, and can only be used on their specific provider’s network. Unlocked phones, however, can connect to mobile service from a number of different wireless providers, because they are not specific to one particular carrier. Although they have limitations, locked phones tend to be more affordable. Cellular carriers sell locked phones at discounted prices, but usually make you enter a contract to use their network service.


Unlocked phones are typically more expensive, because they do not have an associated wireless provider subsidizing the manufacturing and other costs. These phones allow for more freedom though, as you can switch wireless carriers instead of being tied to one specific carrier or being trapped in a contract for many years. Both locked and unlocked phones can use CMDA or GSM technology, or even a combination of both, to connect to wireless networks. The process of unlocking a phone is also fairly simple and straightforward. If you prefer this flexibility, an unlocked phone may be the better option for you.


There are numerous benefits to unlocking phones, and the process is not at all complicated. There are also various reasons why people prefer unlocked phones. If your mobile contract is about to expire, you may wish to unlock the phone so you can switch cellular providers without needing to purchase a new phone. In addition to saving money, unlocking a phone gives you more options for which phone you can use with a carrier. This is because many carriers limit the selection of phones available on their mobile network. Unlocked phones are also quite useful if you are traveling abroad and wish to avoid paying roaming charges. When overseas, you can place a local SIM card in your phone and avoid out-of-network fees or other international call costs. Overall, an unlocked phone can give you much more flexibility and freedom, and could save you a great deal of money over time.


Although it is possible to unlock your own phone, if you haven’t done so before it is highly recommended that you find someone experienced to deal with the procedure. Unlocking iPhones is a fairly straightforward process, but first you must determine whether your phone is locked or not. This can be accomplished by opening “Settings”, selecting the “Cellular” or “Mobile” option, and checking for an option named “Cellular Data Network”. If you do not see this feature, then the phone is most likely locked. You can also find out if an iPhone is unlocked using a SIM card. First, make a call with the current SIM card in place and be certain that the call connects. Then, turn the phone off and insert a new SIM card. Next, wake up the iPhone and place another phone call. If the call does not connect then your iPhone is locked.


You can tell if a Samsung Galaxy phone is locked using similar methods. With your Samsung phone turned off, insert a new SIM card from a different network provider into the phone. Now turn the phone back on. If your phone is locked, one of the following messages will display: “SIM network unlock PIN” or “Enter Network Lock Control Key”. If something else is displayed, your phone is most likely unlocked. Both iPhone and Samsung phones can be unlocked using similar methods as well. These include special unfreeze and network unlock codes, which can be provided by affordable phone unlocking services. Many of these providers, including Unlock Gadget, may also offer phone repairs and other services to help you get the most out of your phone, while avoiding the increasingly hefty costs of a new device. All in all, there are a wide variety of options for mobile phone users to choose from to achieve the best personalized phone experience possible.


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