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Terms & conditions

If we cannot calculate your code or your code can not be found for your mobile device, a 100% refund will issued More than 97% of the time, we able to calculate a code for your phone. However, if the code we send to you is not working, a video proof will be required. This video must show; The IMEI number.

The Unlock code we sent you entered on the phone Code error message.

No refunds will be given if:

  1. The IMEI number you provided is incorrect and an unlock code has been produced
  2. An incorrect unlock was previously used in an attempt to unlock the phone and the phone was hardlocked as a result.
  3. You failed to provide evidence that the code did not work.
  4. We are usually very accurate in our time estimate, how ever if the retrieval time exceeds our stated average turnaround time, We will not refund.
  5. Your device was successfully unlocked but the network you wish to use the phone on is not compatible. It is the buyer's responsibility to make sure the device you wish to unlock will be compatible with the SIM card and network you are trying use.
  6. You do not wish to unlock your phone anymore. We cannot stop the process to refund
  7. The phone was already unlocked prior to placing this order, or if this phone was previously Hardlocked (0 attempts left to input the code) prior to placing this order, or the phone is not asking for an unlock code.
  8. Your phone is not GSM, it's the client's responsibility to have verified this.
  9. Your phone is blocked or blacklisted (reported lost or stolen, unpaid bills, contract problems, etc).
  10. You placed an order for something else specified in selection panel (ex. buying an unlock code for Verizon when it clearly specifies the code is only for AT&T and T-mobile